How it began

One night my older 6 year old son came running into our bedroom after a bad dream. He crawled in bed between my wife and me to sleep. After a while, I decided it was time for him to go back to his own bed. As I was tucking him back in and pulling the covers around him I kissed him and whispered, “nothing will ever hurt you baby, Daddy will keep you safe and sound.”

As I snuck back down the hall to our bed that night, it dawned on me that I might not be able to keep that promise. Then and there I decided to be proactive in doing what I can to protect my family. It was also then, I starting thinking about how much I didn’t know and about how much I could learn to be better prepared if there was an emergency–of any kind.

I didn’t own a firearm at the time. I didn’t know CPR. I didn’t have a plan if there was a break in at the house. Heck, we didn’t even have an escape route in the event of a fire; the kind of thing they teach in grade school. We had work to do and I was committed to doing the work and sharing the knowledge!

The more I talked with family and friends, the more I realized how common my situation was. Guy loves family wholeheartedly, wants to protect loved ones in all situations, and yet is not prepared in case of emergency. As a result, ProtechtU was born. We’re not just for guys, but also for moms and single women as well. We all know there’s no one more protective than a“Momma Bear” or “Sister Bear.”

ProtechtU isn’t about being scared, it’s about being prepared.